Making installer for Delphi project

I remember times I have used InnoSetup for creating the installations of the software applications. In those times there were also other tools like Nullsoft and similar. From the “big ass” installers those days I remember only few – InstallAware and InstallShield (where last one was the most powerful and heavy one).

But some time ago I saw a new tool developed which has an integration with the Delphi IDE. And the tool I am talking about now is RAD & Installer. What it does is integrating the NSIS (Nullsoft installer) and InnoSetup into Delphi IDE! So that you can make the installers directly from the development environment.

RAD & Install

I think you can give it a try if you ever used mentioned systems.


  1. InnoSetup is great tool but it creates only EXE installer.

    If you need to create MSI installer then you can convert EXE to MSI by the MsiWrapper ( This tool is relatively cheap and easy to use. It’s not free, but it’s still much cheaper than tools like InstallShield etc.


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