Upgrading to Delphi 11.3

Finally we updated to 11.3 Alexandria from 10.3 Rio. It is always a stress and risks to update huge projects with tons of components like DevExpress, TMS, JVCL, JCL, mORMot, Spring4d, DSharp, IPWorks, Debenu PDF, TsiLang, EntityDAC, CEF4Delphi, HTMLComponents, ImageEN, FastReports, TeeChart and others..

Usually I was getting some errors/AV or internal compiler errors in IDE during first hours of the migration. So I wasn’t expecting a lot from 11.3.

But now after migrated about 70% of projects and working for 3 days with 11.3 I can absolutely state that the legendary Delphi 7 is back in a body of 11.3!!!

I didn’t have any AV, error during these days with all the extensions like CnPack, DDevExtensions, FixInsight, TestInsight and code insight was working unbelievably well!

I can’t still build our monolith application, need to do that by 2 compilations – bds crashes at 2.8Gb memory usage, but thats not a big problem – we lived with that for years.

The IDE is much snappier than 10.3, compiler is faster!

Thank you Embarcadero for finally bringing the best version of Delphi ever!


  1. You seem to have spent too much time with 10.3. 11.3 is a huge step in the right direction but it’s far from as stable as Delphi 7.


    1. I agree with you, but also disagree about being far from D7 stability. I worked on delphi since D5 and 11.3 is the most stable release in many years. Delphi 7 is a notepad in comparison to D11.3 – so they are kind of even not comparable! 🙂


      1. No, I don’t think so… 11.2 was more stable. With 11.3 I often get an exception on closing.
        But overall I prefer a good working IDE when running and for this 11.3 is the best XE Version so far.


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