Berlin 10.1.2 Vcl.ScreenTips compilation fail

After installing the official Delphi Berlin Update 2 I have faced nasty problem. One of my unit was using the Vcl.ScreenTips unit (for TScreenTipsWindow).

And when you compile such a project you get an error like:

[dcc32 Fatal Error] ProjectX.dpr(..): F2613 Unit 'Vcl.RibbonConsts' not found.

Nice, Embarcadero. And the unit of course is not provided together with the redistribution.

It’s fine that VCL ribbon was removed (See Marco post about that) – I don’t care about that. But shouldn’t they check for the references first before removing?

To solve the issue just place the attached VCL.RibbonConsts (you can download it here) unit somewhere in the library path. This is not original unit, but it will make things compilable.


  1. The “old” VCL Ribbon package is easily available on GetIt, no need to offer a download (given it is not exactly free to share). Did you file a Quality Portal report about the dependency?


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